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        HTC Desire 12+?

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        Adding or removing a widget panel

        • You won't be able to add a new widget panel if you've already reached the maximum limit.
        • HTC?BlinkFeed always appears as the first panel (if it's not removed). A widget panel cannot be added before HTC?BlinkFeed.
        1. Press and hold an empty space on a widget panel.
        2. Tap Edit page.
        3. To add a new widget panel, swipe left until you see the icon, and then tap it.
        4. To remove a widget panel, swipe left or right until you see the panel, and then tap Remove.
        5. When done, press .

        Arranging widget panels

        Important: A widget panel cannot be moved and inserted before HTC?BlinkFeed.
        1. On HTC?BlinkFeed or any widget panel, slide two fingers together to customize the Home screen.
        2. Press and hold a widget panel thumbnail, and then drag it left or right to the position that you want.
        3. When you're done arranging widget panels, press .
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