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        HTC Desire 12+?

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        Receiving calls

        When you receive a phone call from a contact, the Incoming call screen appears.

        Answering or rejecting a call

        Do one of the following:
        • Tap Answer or Decline.
        • If you've set up a lock screen, drag upwards to answer the call or drag it downwards to reject the call.

        Muting the ringing sound without rejecting the call

        Do one of the following:
        • Press the VOLUME DOWN or VOLUME UP button.
        • Press the POWER button.

        Returning a missed call

        You'll see the missed call icon in the status bar when you miss a call.

        1. Slide the Notifications panel open to check who the caller is.
        2. To return the call, tap Call back.

        If you have multiple missed calls, tap the missed calls notification to open the Phone app in .

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