Vive recogonized as leading VR platform by media titles, including Fast Company World’s first connected fitness system, UA HealthBox, is the box that "rocks"

                                                          Seattle, WA - January 13, 2016 –HTC’s Vive Pre virtual reality (VR) platform and UA HealthBox?, the first connected fitness system, have been recognized as revolutions in their respective sectors, scooping a total of 22 awards during this year’s CES in Las Vegas.

                                                          The newly launched products are the latest example of HTC’s commitment to diversifying the company’s offering into emerging technology sectors, whilst simultaneously remaining focused on its smartphone business. Both the quality and volume of awards received at CES 2016 is an indication of how HTC is already leading the field in terms of innovative design in the VR and wearable sectors.

                                                          The second-generation developer edition of HTC’s pioneering VR system, the Vive Pre, was the recipient of 14 awards, including The Verge’s Best VR Product and SlashGear’s Best Entertainment device. Many praised the Vive Pre’s innovative front-facing camera and new Chaperone feature with SlashGear noting that "its new camera takes one of the most interactive and engaging VR projects and cranks up the realism to award-winning levels," whilst The Verge reported that "HTC managed to show up with something [we] genuinely didn't expect: a camera that maps the world around you." FastCompany’s key takeaway of Vive was that "Virtual reality will quickly solve UI problems to better fit with your reality."

                                                          The awards follow Vive winning two prestigious awards from Popular Science magazine in December: the 2015 Popular Science Best of What’s New Grand Award in the Entertainment category, and the 2015 Popular Science Best of What’s New Innovation of the Year.

                                                          HTC also launched the UA HealthBox at CES, in partnership with Under Armour, which has garnered eight awards of its own. Incorporating a fitness band, heart rate monitor and a smart scale, the UA HealthBox provides individuals with everything they need to improve their health and fitness. In the CES Awards 2016 ‘best tech of the show’ feature, TechnoBuffalo said "The box rocks…we think it’s a great buy for folks ready to start focusing on their personal health," while Stuff magazine reported "the UA HealthBox is an entire rough-to-buff technology kit in one box – all you need to supply is willpower."

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                                                          Vive is scheduled for commercial launch in April 2016, with pre-orders beginning February 29. UA HealthBox will be available on January 22 in the U.S. with pre-orders available now on and UA HealthBox will roll out to additional US retailers in the first quarter and internationally throughout 2016.

                                                          1 Awards relate to where HTC has been awarded recognition by media or the industry for its products

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